Towing Lessons


We offer refresher courses, help with reversing, correct hitching and unhitching as well as the B+E syllabus.Although everyone is different most people only need a few hours tuition before taking their towing test. We will provide a vehicle and trailer or pupils can use their own if they prefer.


Rhosneigr Driving School have a range of towing courses available, including; one day courses and two/three day courses.




These are suitable for drivers who have some previous experience of towing, or drivers who have recently failed a B+E car with trailer test. The course is similar in content to the two & three day course but less intense.


These are suitable for drivers with little or no experience of towing a Trailer. These Courses are designed to provide more time to learn and practice each area of training. This is necessary to reach the standard required to take the B+E car and trailer test.

The day starts with a demonstration of the uncoupling and re-coupling procedure for the trailer, followed by an opportunity to practice. A demonstration will also be given showing you how to carry out the necessary safety checks, i.e. securing trailer doors and ensuring the load is safe and secure and that all electrical systems are in working order.

D.S.A. Test Fee is £115 payable separately to the D.S.A.
Please call for prices for all courses.